HEALING ARTS - Benefits of Massage
Benefits Of Massage Therapy
 Reduces Stress
 Reduces Anxiety
 Promotes Relaxation
 Replenishes Nutritive Materials
 Improves Blood Circulation
  Reduce Heart Rate
  Dilates Blood Vessels
  Lower Pulse Rate
 Increases Oxygen Saturation in Blood
  Increases Platelet Count
 Promotes Lymph Circulation
 Reduces Lymph Edema
  Improves Skin Condition
  Increases Dopamine Levels
 Increases Serotonin Levels
  Reduces Epinephrine Levels
 Decreases Pain
 Relieves Muscular Tension
  Relaxes Muscles
  Reduces Muscle Soreness and fatigue
  Increases Range of Motion
  Improves Motor Skills
 Lengthens Muscles
 Reduces Respiration Rate
  Improves Pulmonary Function
  Increases Sleep Patterns
  Promotes Faster Healing times After Surgeries