Mashing is bodywork like no other & will leave you feeling more energized, looser and quicker to recover than ever before.
Mashing is a form of body work that effects your muscles by compressing them with the Practitioner's feet.. This technique will affect myofascial tissue as well as blood flow and will also allow muscles to stretch more effectively. These techniques are similar to what they have been practicing in the East for more than 38 generations. It is deep and sometimes intense works that helps create a more lasting effect and changes in the body during the session.
    This back-walking massage applies deep but soothing pressure to your back to “feed” the muscles, releases toxins and stimulates the body’s self-healing capabilities. It combines centrifugal and centripetal push with pull movements therefore creating a structural change to chronic soft tissue damage, while providing complete relaxation.

          Mashing soothes and eases the back and opens channels which are energy pathways throughout the body. It is to relieve pain and stress, treat spinal problems, and provide an incredibly deep pressure on the muscles, all while still being gentle. You can also expect better posture as it helps elongate the spine, improved body movement and functions, as well as a general state of well-being.

Guaranteed to be the deepest and most luxurious massage you have ever experienced, it will leave you feeling like a new person!