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"Best massage in the county if not the state. wonderful person, wonderful atmosphere. very knowledgeable."

"Janine is a wealth of knowledge! She shared many tidbits of info with me that gave me the skin I have always wanted! No more spending hundreds of dollars on creams that don't work, She has a remedy for everything!"

"I have experienced over 75 massages from numerous licensed massage therapists. Janine's technique is by far the best that I've ever experienced. She isolated areas of strain and tightness that I never realized were present. I have never had anyone stretch right areas with such precision. I have confidence that her technique will allow for improved flexibility. I only wish I had found Janine sooner." 

"My son saw many dermatologists over the past three years because of his acne, none of their treatments helped.. His skin looks amazing today after just 2 months of treatments by Janine." 

"A true professional and a wonderful experience...really understands the body."

"I have received massage all over the world and Janine is the best therapist by far!"

  "Janine massage technique was so amazing! I have massage every 2 months but none of the masseur was that good as Janine. I definitely will go back! I have found Janine a highly talented and educated person about human body. I have been searching for a masseur about 13 years already and finally found my masseur!!! I highly recommend her!